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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

In the Beginning!

           Back in the beginning of November 2016, a client of mine came to me and said "I have land in Tennessee and I want to use it for an aquaponics farm”. The words out of my mouth where, "When do I move?", because I literally loved that idea. I had wanted to start a Female-Led Self Sustaining Community since my early 20s. I was in a married for 22 years and my ex-husband always promised this would happen, but that's all it was, a broken promise. So, this was my opportunity. 

           Prior to moving to Tennessee my new business partner and client took me up a couple of times to see the land. The first time was on the 11th of November and I got to see the property, which was 8 acres, and the trailer which was not that pretty. The second time was on the 15th of November when we went up to see if the people he allowed to live there had left. Since it was November and in the dead of winter, it was extremely cold. I didn't feel it was a good time to just move up there and after seeing the trailer I surely did not want to live in it in the condition it was in. It was extremely damaged and in need of a lot of work. I told him at that point if I was to stay up their I'd need to live in a camper temporarily. So he said he would get me one and I started to looking for a camper.

NOTE: For those of you whom are not familiar with an aquaponics farm, please go to and read about it and for those of you whom are not familiar with my work on Female Led Relationships - I am going to be completing a website. If you 
have questions feel free to email me at or get me on FetLife and send a message to me RevGoddessShayna


Reverend Goddess Shayna ThetiSheri

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