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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Second Month!

      So after November, I went looking for someone to help me move and went on craigslist looking for a camper. I found a few campers, but none of them worked out at the time. Someone was also staying on the land back in November and  I wasn't supposed to move in until April 2018.
      Well, right before Christmas in December, the person that was staying there in the trailer left, and I needed to move sooner.  At the time, I was leasing an apartment in Dallas, Georgia and my lease was not expired until the last day of March, This escalated the fact I needed to move by January for several reasons:

1.)  My car tags expired, and it cost twice as much to renew them in GA than in TN.
2.) I really was sick of living with a roommate and wanted the freedom. 
3.) The land was peaceful, and I really wanted to get up there.

Tennessee Land November 2017
       That night I called the guy and made arrangements to come see it in the morning. My business partner gave me the cash to pay for it. It was in Conyers, Georgia. I got up at 5 a.m. and drove to my partner's house an hour away go the money and then drove another hour to Conyers, and well to make a long story short, bought the camper and told the guy I would be back to pick it up on the weekend. He gave me the tittle and a bill of sale for the money.
  So, the day I got back from my vacation it was pretty late, and the next morning my son arrived from Florida. He came over on the morning of the 28th we went and rented a U-haul, loaded up my storage unit and part of the things I wanted to bring up from my apartment that would fit, then moved all that stuff  up to the trailer that was on the property. Everything  was moved and we brought the U-haul back the same day to a rental place in Chattanooga, and drove home in my car, the same night, the next day was the 29th of December. We did stop at Logan's and ate some steak on the way back. So we got home pretty late. 

       At that point the trailer was used for storage,  and  we could just bring his camper up and get it  hooked up because when my friend saw the property he said he wanted to move his camper up here. Okay! Camper solved, NOT. Because when we get back last minute he decided that it was too cold to come up. With that stated I had no choice to find my own. So on the 30th of December I had to find another camper fast. I went on Craigslist that night and amazingly there was my camper waiting for me. Isn't it funny how things just work out like that?  Last minute discount by? I found a 22 ft. 1983 fifth wheel camper for only $1,500.00. That was the price we decided we had wanted one for. 
I had a storage unit in Georgia and a friend of mine from Dallas, Georgia and my son planned to help me move to Tennessee after spending Christmas with a friend in Arkansas, it was a great time. My son had come up for Christmas to visit from Florida, and when I got back from my Christmas vacation we started to move my belongings. 

Stay tuned for what happens in January!

Reverend Goddess Shayna Theti-Sheri